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Feynman on Bananas

When a researcher starts to think about something new, something he does not understand, he often feels confused and stupid. Doing research is unhappy business. Everybody has his own trick how to overcome this heartbreaking feeling. Mine is to watch the following video where Richard Feynman is talking about bananas :) When I see that even Feynman feels stupid, I feel much better!



Initially we planed to fly to New York. Then the plan was changed, and we decided to go to Fort Ross in the northern California. Last minute, as always, changed our mind again and we ended up going east to sunny Arizona: to see Biosphere-2 and giant Saguaro cacti. Biosphere-2 is really cool, the Sonoran Desert is phantasmagoric (hi from Don Juan Matus).

These are 5 minutes from our 4-day road trip.