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Christmas Proofreading

What do people in academia do during the break between two semesters? That is right, they hang out with their friends and families try to do as much research related activities as possible: write papers and proposals, review papers, read papers, work with their PhD students and postdocs more intensively, catch up with collaborators, brainstorm, etc. So far, this December is going pretty productive for me: I wrote two papers and formulated one problem I plan to work on in coming months.

xmasproofreadingProofreading is an essential part of writing

Hope you are having a nice end of the year too. I wish you Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas! Whatever you prefer :)


A Half of a Shelf

I was moving some stuff from my USC office in KAP to my Caltech office in Annenberg when I realized: this is it, I need to organize my papers, i.e., the papers I have read over the past years.  Namely, I need to buy several colorful folders, label them according to different topics, and put each paper into an appropriate folder. I knew it was not going to be easy – classification of academic papers is an ambiguous process – but I did not anticipate how time consuming the process would be. I have just finished and I believe that this modest achievement deserves a photo.

Here is the result:

papersA half of a shelf, Annenber 115, Caltech, Pasadena
April 28, 2013

Joe Doob on Teaching Probability

 As far as I can see, not much has changed since ancient times.

J.L. Doob (1942) “What is a Stochastic Process?
American Mathematical Monthly, 49(10), 648-653

Small World

My Erdös number is 5.

K. M. Zuev coauthored with A. V. Bolsinov paper
A. V. Bolsinov coauthored with V. I. Arnolʹd paper
V. I. Arnolʹd coauthored with Y. F. Meyer paper
Y. F. Meyer coauthored with S. Hartman paper
S. Hartman coauthored with P. Erdős paper


This paper has been accepted for publication in Computers and Structures.

This is the final comment from one of two reviewers:

Thank you very much for your answers on my comments and their consideration. I have no further remarks and appreciate this very interesting paper very much.